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24hr On-line & Phone Service w/ 7 Day Same Day Delivery (cut-off 4pm) to Any Residence, All Major Hospitals and Funeral Homes.
Thank you to all of our customers for another successful year.

With over 35 years in Miami's floral scene, Mercy's Flowers now offers contract packages for special events, weddings, hotel lobby and business office decor. Make us your florist of choice and enjoy some of the many perks of being a VIP customer at Mercy's Flowers. We now offer Two Rush Hour Specials: 7AM- 9AM and 4PM-6PM 10%off Cut Flowers & 20% on vase arrangements. Didn't See it Here? Call us toll-free 877-664-5053 During this holiday season, remember those who love you with flowers. Mercy's decor is always available fresh for all major holidays, Grandparents Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Religious, Christmas, & New years.

  • 24 On-line & Ph Service w/ 7 Day Same Day Delivery 4pm c/o
  • High End Decor for Down to Earth Budgets.
  • We cater to all religious needs and decor.
  • Active member of The Society of American Florist
  • Open contract acc.'s available, hotel & business lobby decor
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction